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About us

The Casata Mergè winery overlooks the vineyards of the beautiful hills of the Castelli Romani, in a typically Mediterranean climate area located on the border between Frascati and Monte Porzio Catone, the ideal cradle for the cultivation of native vines this is in fact the area that the ancient Romans elected as a holiday resort par excellence, thanks to the landscape, the climate, and the goodness of its wine.

The history of the Mergè family, originally from the Castelli Romani area, begins in the early part of the twentieth century with Manlio Mergè and his wife, factors of the trade, who begin the activity of winemakers respecting the culture and historical characteristics of the territory. Today Luigi Mergè, with his sons Massimiliano, Marco, Maria Beatrice and Marianna, and the fourth generation represented by his grandchildren, continues to keep that first graft alive, keeping the family roots intact, producing wines in compliance with traditions but in step with the most advanced technologies. A long and careful process of analysis and experimentation has resulted, over time, in the replanting of selected vines and in the adoption of new breeding techniques that have led Casata Mergè to emerge in recent years in the panorama of Lazio's excellences.

The peculiarity of our wines comes from the volcanic soils bequeathed by the "great volcano of Lazio", thanks to which we find an optimal subsoil in each cultivated plot, which we have carefully chosen for each variety planted. We therefore pass in our parcels from mixed calcareous subsoils, to basaltic soils, other pozzolanic tuffs, rich in mineral substances which the vines can benefit from. We have planted our areas with espalier training systems, pruned with guyot or spurred cordon depending on the vines and the type of wine that will come from it. Areas of extraordinary beauty, capable of creating unique nectars, true masterpieces for wine lovers. The attention of the Mergè family to wine production is taken care of down to the smallest detail: environmental sustainability is a fundamental value for producing high quality wine. Nothing is left to chance. The optimal aging of the wine is obtained with the help of barriques in addition to the handed down winemaking techniques. The Mergè winery is constantly engaged in the search for the perfection of the product, with a pure and natural flavor. Here quality wines are produced with selected grapes and modern systems: a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.